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Weapons are in-game items that Miriam can equip to modify her attack and damage. Weapons only modify the Attack (ATK) stat though they may also have extra Attributes like Fire, Ice, etc. Some weapons also have special abilities.

There are 10 different types of weapons: Shoes, Swords, Daggers, Clubs, G-Swords, Katanas, Spear, Whips, and Firearms.

All weapons that are craftable will be available for the player to buy at Dominique's Shop after being crafted once with Johannes.

This list is in the same order as the in-game codex.

Name Type Attribute Attack
Kung Fu Shoes Shoes Strike 8
Battle Boots Shoes Strike 12
Lethal Boots Shoes Slash 14
Toy Shoes Shoes Strike 17
Steam Boots Shoes Strike 21
Bunny Boots Shoes Strike 24
Dragon Shoes Shoes Strike, Fire 28
Hermes Shoes Shoes Slash, Strike 38
Hell's Knells Shoes Slash, Strike, Dark 45
Knife Dagger Thrust 8
Baselard Dagger Thrust 14
Kukri Dagger Thrust 19
Poison Kukri Dagger Thrust. Poison 16
Swordbreaker Dagger Thrust 24
Main Gauche Dagger Thrust 29
Carnwennan Dagger Thrust, Light 30
Mandau Pasir Dagger Thrust 45
Rapier Rapier Thrust 12
Epée Rapier Thrust 16
Stinger Rapier Thrust, Poison 19
Misericorde Rapier Thrust, Light 25
Kazikli Rapier Thrust, Dark 32
Joyeuse Rapier Thrust 52
Short Sword Sword Slash 12
Long Sword Sword Slash 18
Ulfberht Sword Sword Slash 22
Invisible Blade Sword Slash 27
Harpé Sword Slash 29
Murgleis Sword Slash, Stone 25
Red Umbrella Sword Slash 31
Blutgang Sword Slash 33
Fragarach Sword Slash, Light 28
Hofud Sword Slash, Curse 32
Dáinsleif Sword Slash, Dark 47
Florenberg Sword Slash, Fire 42
Almace Sword Slash, Ice 47
Caladbolg Sword Slash, Thunder 37
Ridill Sword Slash 20
Bandit Blade Sword Slash 53
Blue Rose Sword Slash, Ice 58
Bloodbringer Sword Slash 26
Valkyrie Sword Sword Slash 54
Mace Club Strike 15
Morgenstern Club Slash, Strike 20
Macuahuitl Club Slash, Strike 30
Yagrush Club Strike, Thunder 32
Ayamur Club Strike 45
Sharur Club Strike, Ice 50
Mistilteinn Club Strike, Light 52
Flying Edge Sword Slash, Thrust 18
Oracle Blade Sword Slash, Thrust 30
Rhava Búral Sword Slash 14
Rhava Velar Sword Slash 16
Claymore G-Sword Slash 17
Pelekus G-Sword Slash 22
Flamberge G-Sword Slash 29
Spiral Sword G-Sword Slash 13
Berdiche G-Sword Slash 35
Carnot's Rebuke G-Sword Slash 39
Gram G-Sword Slash 42
Gambanteinn G-Sword Strike 45
Lohengrin G-Sword Slash, Fire 43
Schedar G-Sword Slash, Ice 48
Steel Lightning G-Sword Slash, Thunder 39
Kaladanda G-Sword Strike, Stone 46
Durandal G-Sword Slash 65
Dies Irae G-Sword Slash, Light, Dark 57
Ukonvasara G-Sword Slash, Thunder 67
Eternal Blue G-Sword Slash, Ice 84
Dull Blade Katana Slash 13
Nodachi Katana Slash 18
Tsurumaru Katana Slash 22
Honebami Katana Slash, Strike 27
Raikiri Katana Slash, Thunder 25
Swordfish Katana Slash, Strike 36
Dojigiri Katana Slash 40
Zangetsuto Katana Slash 45
Mikazuki Katana Slash 49
Grand Izayoi Katana Slash 51
Spear Spear Thrust 13
Lance Spear Thrust 18
Partisan Spear Thrust 22
Shovel Spear Thrust 27
Sanjiegun Spear Thrust 29
Gondo-Shizunori Spear Slash, Thrust 33
Leng Yan Ju Spear Slash, Thrust 36
Areadbhar Spear Thrust, Fire 40
Niflheim Spear Thrust, Ice 45
Gungnir Spear Thrust, Thunder 36
Gae Assail Spear Thrust, Light 46
Whip Whip Strike 13
Thorn Whip Whip Slash, Strike 20
Flame Whip Whip Strike, Fire 27
Black Cords Whip Strike 35
Snakebite Whip Strike, Poison 32
Beast Killer Whip Strike 45
Albireo Whip Strike, Ice 50
Andromeda Whip Strike, Light 52
Musketoon Firearm Strike 5
Blunderbuss Firearm Strike 10
Tanegashima Firearm Strike 12
Toradar Firearm Strike 15
Culverin Firearm Strike 20
Betelgeuse Firearm Strike 23
Verethragna Firearm Strike 25
Adrasteia Firearm Strike 26
Dawn Blade G-Sword Slash, Light 23
Blue Skies Shoes Strike 15
Boreal Rime Boots Shoes Strike, Ice 15
Oleanders Shoes Strike, Poison 12
Shield Weapon Sword Slash 20
Encrypted Orchid Sword Slash, Thunder 16
Hikari Sword Slash, Light 16
Moonwake Sword Slash, Light 16
God Cross Sword Slash, Light, Stone 11
Eu's Sword Sword Slash 20
Redbeast's Edge Rapier Thrust 52
Prismatic Heart Club Strike, Light 18
Deathbringer G-Sword Slash, Fire 26
Claw of Onmoraki G-Sword Slash, LIght 23
Blood Grinder G-Sword Slash, Dark, Curse 23
Silent Calamity G-Sword Slash, Dark, Stone 17
Sculptor's Chisel Spear Thrust, Ice, Stone 16
Black Dragon's Ode Spear Thrust 20
Renee's Requiem Firearm Strike 11
Ambivalence Whip Strike 18
Name Type Attribute Attack
Final Hour Sword Slash 15
Sicilian Slicer Sword Slash 15
Clockwork Blade Sword Slash 15
Vine Sword Sword Slash 15
Power Sack Strip Sword Slash 15
Darkness Descends Sword Slash 15
Dungeonite Sword Sword Slash 15
Dominus Sword Slash 15