Vepar is a boss in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


A giant sea monster bigger than the scenario. Vepar has two main body halves: the top one resembles a woman from head to chest, and the belly resembles a creature with big teeth and six eyes. The rest of its body is composed of tentacles with which she wraps around the ship.


Vepar mainly uses her tentacles to combat and overwhelm the player, who is many times smaller than her. She can also hurl water-ball projectiles or fire jets of water that sweep the area, requiring the player to jump across the beam.



  • Apparently, the Seamas are either her progeny or at least her loyal servants, as at one point while exploring the Galleon Minerva she can be seen producing them by spewing energy balls from her belly mouth which then transform into these tentacled creatures.
  • Vepar was introduced in the E3 2016 demo version of the game, in which she was fought at the end.
    • She later reappeared in the E3 2018 demo, displaying some design changes and more elaborated special effects.

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