A savage amphibian that feasts on human flesh.
~ In-game description

The Toad is an enemy in the Bloodstained series.


These aquatic creatures are the furthest thing from ordinary toads, for they are also possessed by demons as indicated by their bone-like appearances and bright orange eyes. If they encounter a traveler, they will slowly hop toward them in the hope of striking it.

In Curse of the Moon, Toads are encountered swimming in streams. Some of them appear as shadows when underwater; however, if their eyes are visible, they will hop out and attack any passerby before diving back in the water. They are frequently seen in numbers whenever they are encountered.


Curse of the Moon

Ritual of the Night

Curse of the Moon 2



  • The design and attack patterns of this enemy are likely based on the Toad from the Castlevania franchise.

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