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That's it! How did you know? Oh, I can't wait to try it.
~ Susie

Susie Quinn is a non-playable character in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. She is one of the few remaining residents of the town of Arvantville since the demonic attack had taken place. She requested Miriam to bring her diverse kinds of foods throughout the course of the game in order to satiate her seemingly unending appetite.


As the oldest person in the village, Susie was already in ill physical health. The demon attack on Arvantville caused her mental health to decline as well, to the point where she didn't know why she should continue living. Miriam, upon hearing this, volunteers to help Susie, to which she says that she finds great comfort in the foods she used to eat. However, she has trouble remembering any of their names.


Susie gives incentive for the player to begin cooking within the game, allowing them to learn ingredient gathering and item management. She gives out rewards whenever the people brings her the food that she is asking for. She never names the food outright, but the image floating in a thought bubble above her head gives a clear indication of what the player should cook.


Name given Food wanted Ingredients needed amount Reward
Portable Snack Rice Ball Rice ×1
Halite ×1
Thorn Whip
Irresistible Pizza Pizza Dough ×4
Cheese ×2
Convex Glasses
Fried Finger Food Fried Potatoes Potato ×1
Halite ×1
Flour ×1
Moco Oil ×1
Yellow Kernals Corn Chowder Corn ×1
Milk ×1
Bread ×1
Potato ×1
Baked Dish Macaroni Gratin White Sauce ×1
Moco Leek ×1
Pasta ×2
Cheese ×1
Classic Sweet Cookies Butter ×1
Sugar ×1
Egg ×1
Flour ×1
Hair Apparent IV
Something Spicy Curry & Rice Curry Sauce ×1
Rice ×1
Novel Idea Omurice Egg ×2
Rice ×1
Tomato ×1
Consommé ×1
Rolled-Up Treat Strawberry Crepe Strawberry ×4
Heavy Cream ×1
Crepe Dough ×1
Feather Robe
Saucy Strands Classic Spaghetti Tomato ×1
Pasta ×1
Moco Leek ×3
Consommé ×1
Refreshing Lemonade Lemon ×1
Soda Water ×1
Sugar ×1
Duelist Guard
Breaded Pork Cutlet Plume Pork ×2
Egg ×2
Flour ×1
Moco Oil ×1
Fluffy Egg Souffle Dragon Egg ×1
Heavy Cream ×1
Sugar ×1
Butter ×1
Miracle Chiffon Cake Dragon Egg ×1
Sugar ×1
Flour ×1
Moco Oil ×1
Fangshi Scarf
Crispy Skin Chicken Saute G-Bone Steak ×2
Halite ×1
Black Pepper ×2
Butter ×2
Sea Urchin Uni Rice Bowl Rice ×3
Sea Urchin ×2
Soy Sauce ×1
Lethality Ring
Risotto Apple Risotto Apple ×3
Rice ×3
Halite ×1
Black Pepper ×1
Demon Necklace
Noodles in Broth Soy Ramen Chinese Noodles ×1
Soy Broth ×1
Plume Pork ×2
Fell Leaf ×1
Gambler's Ring
Falls Apart Simmered Foneus Forneus Filet ×1
Soy Sauce ×1
Sugar ×1
Beef Hot Pot Sukiyaki G-Bone Steak ×4
Moco Leek ×2
Soy Sauce ×2
Sugar ×2
8-bit Nightmare
Life-Changing Exquisite Steak Flying Beef ×2
Halite ×1
Black Pepper ×1
Butter ×1
Recycle Hat


  • Did you bring it?
  • I'm sorry for the trouble, but this isn't what I want. Oh, if I could just remember the name...