Miriam absorbing a Shard.

A crystallized form of demon power.
It cannot be handled by an ordinary human being.
~ In-game description

Shards are a gameplay mechanic in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. They are demon powers that have been crystallized. They cannot be handled by an ordinary person.


I'd... forgotten the way it felt... Like uninvited claws scraping across my bones...
~ Miriam's account of absorbing a shard.

Shards are demon powers that have been crystallized. While they normally cannot be handled by a common person, special individuals called Shardbinders can absorb and utilize them in order to use special abilities corresponding to the shard's source by impaling the shards into their bodies. These special abilities range from "active" abilities such as shooting fireballs, "passive" abilities such as double jumping, to "reactive" abilities such as summoning guardian familiars. A notable Shardbinder capable of manipulating such magical power is Miriam.

Types of ShardsEdit

There are six types of shards Miriam can absorb in the game. Each group of shards contained in a particular type share similar characteristics between them, such as the way they are activated and/or perform, although they may vary in other areas such as element type, the stats they raise, or the abilities they yield, among others.

  • Conjure Shard (red) - Typically single-shot projectile attacks fired in a fixed direction
  • Manipulative Shard (blue) - Effects which require the activation button to be held or used as a toggle, and constantly drain MP
  • Directional Shard (purple) - Shards which can be aimed using Miriam's hand
  • Passive Shard (yellow) - Shards which provide a continuous bonus at no MP cost. At Rank 9 they create a Skill Shard copy of themselves
  • Familiar Shard (green) - Summons a support creature with various abilities that becomes stronger as Miriam gains XP with the creature present
  • Skill Shard (white) - Similar to a Passive Shard, but with no limit to the number that can be equipped simultaneously

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