A reanimated cat that perished inside the castle and has a grudge to settle.
~ In-game description

Nyabon is an enemy in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


Nyabon is an enormous tabby cat with horns and extended bat-like ears. Only the front half of its body is visible, coming through a portal of some kind behind it.

The creature cannot move, and like most enemies starts in an idle state and only becomes agitated when approached. It will look directly at Miriam, turning its head to follow her, after noticing her.

It has three attacks, all preceded by a cue of it opening its mouth and snarling. At most ranges it can invoke its Shard ability, Riga Storӕma. This is telegraphed by Nyabon snarling but not raising one of its paws: after a second a circle of flames will appear on the ground, which shortly afterwards will sprout into a column of flames.

Its other two attacks are physical: if Miriam is near Nyabon's side at close range, it will raise one paw and then swipe downwards at her. If she is directly in front of it, it will instead lift both paws and swipe them forwards.


Nyabons are found in the Entrance and Dian Cécht Cathedral.

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  • The $3,000 "UNLEASH THE HOUNDS OF HELL" and $3,500 "UNLEASH THE HOUNDS OF HELL II" backer tiers gave backers the opportunity to make their pet (or another animal of their choice) into an enemy. This is likely the source of the photorealistic animal enemies (for example the three Nyabon variants, Puppy and Rocky).
  • The three cat-demons (Nyabon, Macaron and Kamikaze) all have the same description in the enemy file.

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