A demon carpenter gifted at summoning.
~ In-game description

Master Carpenter is an optional boss in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


The Master Carpenter is visually a normally-sized human man. He wears a heavy dark brown work apron with a white shirt and grey hose underneath, the sleeves of his shirt tied down by small brown belts. His hands are stained with blood. He has brown shoes with buckles, a loose blue cravat, a small eye shield resembling a welding mask, and wields a machete-sized chisel.


The Master Carpenter can be found inside a locked room in the Oriental Sorcery Lab, at the top-left of the room directly above the area's fast travel point. The boss door can only be opened with the Carpenter's Key.

Like the other optional bosses, he is not a one-off and respawns like a regular enemy if the player chooses to re-enter his room.

Strategy Edit

The first thing worth noting about the fight with the Master Carpenter is that the large saw on the left-hand side of the room counts as an environmental damage source and will therefore deal a percentage of Miriam's health in damage unless she is wearing Aegis Plate. This means the room is effectively only about two-thirds of the size it appears to be.

The Master Carpenter's primary means of attack is throwing large chisels as projectiles: he can throw them either horizontally or diagonally. They deal significant damage and there is very little time to react to his throws: if the player is fast they can block them with Directed Shield.

As his description notes, he is also gifted at summoning demons: specifically, he can spawn Demon Lords to assist him in combat, with up to three present at the same time. Given the size of Demon Lords and their use of zoning attacks, it can be very difficult to avoid damage in such a small room if they are not dealt with quickly.

The cue for his summoning is when he stops moving and starts to construct an object: if he takes any damage during this animation, he will build an object that summons a Demon Lord. If he does not, he will instead build a normal chest: this can be opened for a guaranteed Imbrued Bone, in addition to the Carpenter's own chance of dropping one on death. It is therefore a good idea not to use a combat familiar such as Bloodbringer or Silver Knight during this battle, as they are likely to attack the Master Carpenter during his building animation even if Miriam does not.

He has resistances to Dark and Stone and a slight weakness against Light damage. Notably he lacks immunity to the Poison and Curse status effects, which can be useful. Despite his optional status and lack of a boss medal, he has the same immunity to Standstill as a regular boss, though it will still stop his chisels.

The Master Carpenter's AI seems to have problems dealing with the Beast Guardian Shard's effects: it is possible to block him up against his saw with this Shard, whereupon very few of his chisels will connect and he will have trouble performing his other attacks. He also has trouble dealing with Invert and attacking him with a Greatsword from the ceiling directly above him is extremely effective.

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