Johannes (ヨハネス Yohanesu?) (pronounced yo-HAH-nis) is a non-playable character in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. He is the last alchemist in the world.[5]

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A member of the defunct Alchemist guild and Gebel’s best friend. Johannes was the only Alchemist who dissented with the plan to call demons to the earth to cement Alchemy as the prevalent philosophy. His rejection of the other Alchemists’ scheme is what kept him from sharing their fate. He has a vague understanding that Miriam’s awakening and the demon castle’s appearance are no mere coincidence.


Johannes is a Latin given name, a variant of the Greek name Ιωάννης (Ioannes), which in turn is derived from the Hebrew name Yehochanan, meaning "Yahweh is gracious". The name is very common in Germany and the Netherlands.


Johannes has a workshop located near the beginning of Arvantville where he offers different services where the player can spend their collected materials in order to either create more powerful weapons, consumable items, enhance shards, or even dismantle items in order to extract their components.

These services are:

  • Craft - Create an item with materials.
  • Prepare - Miriam will cook using the ingredients.
  • Enhance Shard - Use material to enhance shard.
  • Dismantle - Alkahest can dismantle items and extract materials.


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  • Yes, but Dominique and the Church can take it from here.
  • If you plan to destroy the castle, you won't be able to do it without the Liber Logaeth.
  • Gremory will be after him, too. Tracking Gremory might be faster.
  • Dominique... She could have done so much good, but...


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