The Glutton Train is the first boss in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.


The Glutton Train is a giant metal golem and a demon that possessed the locomotive of a train, but eventually lost its mind and now only exists to feed itself coal. The Glutton Train attacks by extending its massive arm to reach a pile of coal on the opposite side of the screen and drag some inside its burner. Once the coal has been consumed, the Glutton Train will reveal three exhaust ports on its back from which it will launch several chunks of burning coal up in the air, which will then start to rain down across the screen. These projectiles will always land on the same spots and follow the same pattern, providing the player a better chance to predict their movement and dodge them. Both the coal and the Glutton Train's arm are harmless to the touch.

The Glutton Train's head is its weak spot. In order to reach it, the player has to climb the pile of coal and wait until the boss brings it near its burner, at which point they will be able to attack its head several times.

After sustaining enough damage, the Glutton Train will begin to expel steam from its body. Once its HP has been depleted, the boss will drag one last pile of coal to the center of the room and fire a large heat wave known as the Volcano Cannon that will cover almost the entire screen as a last ditch effort to harm the player. Stand to the left of the coal pile in order to avoid this attack.