RotN Dominique
Japanese Dominique Baldwin
Kana ドミニク・ボールドウィン?
Romaji Dominiku Borudowin
Role Ally (shopkeeper)
Abilities Exorcism
Voice actor
Kaori Mizuhashi[1]
Voice actor
Fryda Wolff[2]
Age 25
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night character
As you can see, I know a thing or two about expelling demons.
~ Dominique describing her specialty in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Dominique Baldwin is a character in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. She is an exorcist sent by the Church and an old friend of Johannes. She is also the game's shopkeeper, stocking on various goods to support Miriam.

Official descriptionEdit

"An exorcist dispatched by the church, she supports Miriam as the shopkeeper. She speaks in a posh way, but she treats everyone kindly. While the church believes Miriam and Gebel to be demons, Dominique trusts them as human beings. In order to foil Gebel's ambitions, she asks her old friend Johannes to summon Miriam."


Dominique has a supply post located near the beginning of Arvantville where the player can either buy or sell any collected items (weapons, armor, consumables, etc.) in exchange of/for gold, as well as being able to sell any extra Shards they desire. After Alfred dies, she will abandon her post, with Anne taking up her shopkeeping duties for the rest of the game.

Available services:

  • Purchase
  • Sell
  • Sell Shard



  • Cease this at once, Zangetsu!


  • Dominique is derived from the Latin word, Dominicus, which translates to "belonging to a lord" Given her role as the game's true antagonist and her revealed perspective on God, this is likely meant to be ironic.
  • Her renunciation of God and her desire for power are likely also a nod to Castlevania series antagonist Dracula, as well as the Titular character of Bram Stoker's novel.
  • She shares her surname Baldwin with Morris Baldwin, a vampire hunter from the Castlevania game Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. This is probably intended as a small reference, however, it is also likely that this is coincidental because Baldwin is a well-known family name.


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