Causes you to sink in water, allowing you to explore beneath the surface.
~ Description

Deep Sinker is a Skill Shard in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


Deep Sinker is a one-off Shard found in Hidden Desert. It is in a giant torch-like object in the middle of the three rooms to the right of the elevator, but access to it is blocked by a blue glowing barrier until Miriam has defeated Alfred in the top room.

As a progression-related Shard, Deep Sinker is removed from the player's inventory in New Game Plus.


Deep Sinker allows Miriam to move normally (albeit somewhat slowly) while underwater, rather than having to propel herself around using Aqua Stream. Miriam's slow movement while underwater can be remedied somewhat using Glashtyn's Shard, Amphibian Speed.

For as long as Deep Sinker is switched on in the menu, Aqua Stream will lose its ability to propel Miriam around, though it retains its 0 MP cost while underwater. It is not needed, however, as Deep Sinker allows Miriam to perform an unlimited number of sequential jumps while in water. Deep Sinker also allows Miriam to open underwater chests, which is not possible prior to acquiring it.

Enhancing Deep Sinker's Rank will provide a boost to all of Miriam's stats while she is underwater. All Rank upgrades require Slimy Leather, which is dropped by Deeseama (4.00%). Because the Shard is a one-off and removed on each playthrough, its Grade can never exceed 1.

Enhance ingredientsEdit

Rank Ingredients
2-9 Slimy Leather ×1

Trivia Edit

  • The name is a more literal version of that of its Castlevania equivalent, Deep Seeker.
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