A vampire who can manipulate blood.
She bathes thrice a day without fail.
~ In-game description

Bloodless is a boss in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

She is voiced by Rena Strober in the English version.[1]


Bloodless resembles a young woman with pale skin and long black hair. Initially naked, she assembles a red dress made of blood before fighting Miriam. Her dress becomes more and more tattered as Miriam damages her, although she would refashion it after some time. Across her neck is a slash that bleeds down into her dress and fuses her own blood with the blood she forms her dress from.

At the time of her reveal, IGA stated that her appearance may be changed in the future.[2]


Bloodless is able to manipulate streams of blood, using it for various purposes, from creating dresses and umbrellas to generating a swirling vortex and localized rain.


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Bloodless is fought as the boss of Tragedy of Slaughter (apparently reigning over the dungeon there[3]). She hovers along the top of the screen, but she can be reached by jumping on top of the three umbrellas that also hover back and forth in the room.

After a while, she will do the next step in the order below:

  1. Laugh, just like in her intro.
  2. Drop a spiked ball straight down below her, which creates a wave of spikes along the floor. To dodge it, don't be under her and be atop an umbrella.
  3. Laugh (again).
  4. Cause a shower of blood in the whole room. Dodge this by being under an umbrella. After this, she destroys and recreates the umbrellas to start the cycle over again.

Also during the battle, a character-sized ball will fly at the player, but not well. It can be dodged, but can also be distracting as you try to deal damage to Bloodless.

Her desperation attack is to cause a sort of tornado of blood to travel along the floor toward the player, before retreating to the other side. An image of Bloodless's true face appears in the tornado just short of the ceiling. Either stand on top of the highest umbrella or use Gebel's Immortal Metamorphosis to get high enough, and time your attack just right to destroy that section and create an opening to dodge the final attack and earn an extra life for not taking damage from the desperation attack.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodless is a boss in Ritual of the Night. You first find her in the boss room, soaking blood in her bathtub behind the curtains. You press the Up Arrow (↑) to start the boss fight. Bloodless will usually try to step back from Miriam to dodge her attacks, then proceed to launch bloody streams from the distance. This makes using short-ranged weapons impractical, thus using weapons with longer reach or ranged attacks is recommended.

Bloodless has several variations of attacks in her arsenal, each of them can be dodged in certain ways:

Umbrella swing
Bloodless will swing her umbrella to damage a very short area in front of her. Just dodge it by jumping or using the backdash.
Blood arrows
Bloodless spawns two umbrellas that are similar to her weapon. These umbrellas will first try to stab Miriam, then float in the air around her.
Splash attack
Bloodless will send splashes of blood that swirl in front of her toward Miriam. Use the backdash (if within escape range) or jump away to dodge the wave.
Bloodless will shoot high-pressure blood that spirals toward Miriam. This attack is marked by Bloodless pulling her umbrella and push it forward in a jousting manner. It can go either straight forward (marked by a longer pull), or upward to the ceiling (marked by a shorter pull). Dodge the straight one by ducking or jumping twice, and the upward one by staying on the ground or ducking if needed.
Blood rain
Activated if Bloodless has already marked the ceiling with enough blood streams. Rain of blood will fall from any bloodied ceiling area for a few seconds each, inflicting damage over time during contact. Crouch under the floating umbrellas (if available) or stay away from the raining areas to avoid getting damaged by it.

Additionally, Bloodless's blood dress will rip little by little each time Miriam damages her, and she will be forced to restore it by absorbing the splattered blood in her room once enough damage is done. Use this opportunity to land extra hits to her, since she is very vulnerable in this state.

Bloodless has recently been confirmed as a playable character in an upcoming update. She will be available to all players regardless of their progress in the game. In order to play as her, all players have to do is enter her name in an empty slot on the File Select menu in all caps; "BLOODLESS". Her voice will be heard and an option to pick her will appear. After selecting a difficulty, players are free to navigate their way through Gebel's castle as the vampiric woman.


Curse of the Moon

Ritual of the Night



  • I need more blood...
  • Blood Steal!
  • At last! Substance!
  • Blood everywhere!


  • In an interview, IGA stated that Bloodless is a good example of his approach into the Gothic horror concept, which he defines as "a grotesque mixed up with a little bit of erotica."[4]
  • Bloodless is based off of the Countess Elizabeth Báthory, who would take baths in the blood of virgins to maintain her youthful appearance.
  • If the blood color is changed in the Options menu, Bloodless's dress and umbrellas will change to match, even in the middle of battle.


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