Allows you to swim by launching water in the designated direction. MP is not consumed underwater.
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Aqua Stream is a Directional Shard in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Acquisition Edit

Aqua Stream is dropped by Deeseama, the high-level swimming version of Seama encountered in Forbidden Underground Waterway. Unusually for a progression-related item, the Shard is a random drop, but has a fairly generous base 10.00% drop rate.

As an item related to game progression, all copies of Aqua Stream are removed from the player's inventory and its Grade is reset to 1 when it is acquired in New Game Plus.

Characteristics Edit

Aqua Stream fires a damaging spray of water in the direction Miriam's hand is aimed: it is a continuous effect Shard and will fire for as long as the button is held and the MP gauge lasts. It has fairly high MP consumption above water, at a rate of 50 MP per second. Aqua Stream uses no MP at all when activated underwater, though Miriam must still have at least 50 MP in reserve to activate it.

While above water it is fairly useful for dealing with small enemies since it can quite effectively "soak" a broad area with significant DPS, but it is underwater where its true functionality is shown. Here, it acts as a propulsion jet, pushing Miriam in the opposite direction to the one it is fired in, allowing her to explore underwater sections for the first time. It can also be used to attack underwater enemies. While being propelled around by it, Miriam can pick up enemy item drops but cannot open chests, and will gradually rise to the surface if the player does not keep pushing her downwards.

Once the Skill Shard Deep Sinker is acquired, Aqua Stream loses its propulsion functions, though it retains its 0 MP cost underwater. If the player desires, they can restore its original function by toggling Deep Sinker off in the Skill Shard menu, though since Miriam can jump an unlimited number of times in water with Deep Sinker active, there is never any real point to doing so.

Increasing Aqua Stream's Grade increases the damage it deals, while improving its Rank increases the width of the spray of water. All Rank upgrades require one Aquatic Blood, dropped by Scylla (10.00%) or Deeseama (8.00%). The final two upgrades add an additional requirement for Queen's Tears, dropped by Lamashtu (6.00%) in Secret Sorcery Lab or Tamako-Death (5.00%) in Livre Ex Machina.

Enhance ingredientsEdit

Rank Ingredients
2-7 Aquatic Blood ×1
8-9 Aquatic Blood ×1, Queen's Tears ×1
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