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• 10/17/2018

What games are similar to this that AREN'T Castlevania?

Hey all. First, full disclaimer: Castlevania is my all-time favorite series, so I was IN on Bloodstained when IGA left Konami and teased it a year before the Kickstarter campaign. I even dug it so much I consider it one of my favorite platformers on PC (I backed the game on PC long before it was announced for Switch, for reference) ( if y'all care about a plug, there it is :p).

So, I was quite surprised to see that Curse of the Moon was so directly inspired by Classicvania, and particularly, Dracula's Curse, one of my favorite games in the series. It made me realize very few games attempted to emulate the older games, and especially that game. Would anyone know of similar games to Curse of the Moon? I'm familiar with Castlevania fangames like The Lecarde Chronicles and Soul of Dracula, and the upcoming Brave Earth Prologue, but that's about it. There HAS to be more than just this.

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• 12/30/2018

there's this one, a freeware game that doesn't hide much of it's inspiration and whips it up with some other games. la-mulana is also... somewhat one? i mean it's based off of konami's similar Knightmare series (namely, Maze of Gallious) and maybe Vampire Killer MSX leaked in the cracks too but... don't go in expecting full on gothic castle, legendary mythic villian, harmlessly inspired enemies and such. oh also the original 2005/2006(?) version is freeware too!

The Curse of Issyos - Locomalito
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