Who do you think the Second Playable character will be?

With the announcement of a second playable character, and local co-op, I find my self wondering who the second playable character will be. And I'll be honest, I think it's gonna be Johannes.

Miriam seems to follow the same vein as Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, in the aspect that her stained glass glyphs are reminicent of shanoa's Ecclesia Glyphs, which are meant to be an enhancement of the metroidvania style of castlevania. The Multiple weapon and equipment styles seen in Symphony of the Night, the Sorrow era, Portrait of Ruin, and so forth.

I Believe Johannas will be the games Belmont character. His artwork already depicts him with a whip, and is known to be an Alchemist just not one who delved into the devils power, leaving him safe from the Crystal Curse. So in that vein, he will likely play as the classic Belmont characters. He has access to armor and accessory slots, and possibly different whip type, like Jonathan from Portrait of Ruin. And will probably have access to Bloodstains own variation of classic Castlevania items; the axe, the dagtger, the cross and such. However due to his age and experience, he would be more like Julius Belmont in terms of ability and power.

If not him though, who do you think it could be, and why? How do you think they would play?